Amy Fisher was born in Merrick, New York. Her mother was Italian American and her father a Jewish American. When Fisher was 16, she met Joey Buttafuco, whom she first met at an auto repair shop. The aquaintance soon became a sex affair, and tensions soon rose as Joey's wife, Mary Jo, was unaware of her husbands sex affair with the little vixen Amy. On May 19, 1992, Amy Fisher had a friend drive her to the Buttafuoco residence, where she proceeded to exit the car and ring the doorbell. Mary Jo answered the door, where Fisher shot her in the head. Mary Jo lived, and Amy was later identified as the shooter. The shooting received much attention, and a movie company even offered $80k to post bail for production rights.

Fisher pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and was sentenced to 5 to 15 years in prison. Joey Buttafuoco was charged with statutory rape and served 4 months in jail. Fisher was released after seven years, and went on to become a columnist for the Long Island Press. She also wrote a book about her experiences entitled, If I Knew Then.

She then married Lou Bellera and has two children. Lou has apparently sold the rights to a sex tape of the couple, and a teaser clip has been released on November 1, 2007. The tape should be coming shortly!

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All models were 18 or older at the time of production.